The Yahoo! Mother Board Summit

July 18, 2010

I’ve just returned from the Yahoo! Mother Board Summit, and I am totally inspired! What a great day and a half with smart, energetic women, and a fabulous company!

The Yahoo! Mother Board started out with just 17 mom bloggers and has now grown to 80 bloggers.  This past week, Yahoo! flew all of us (the 62 who were able to go) to their corporate headquarters in Sunnyvale, CA.  We stayed in the Four Seasons Palo Alto (one of the BEST hotels I’ve stayed in, by the way), and were bused to the event.

While I ended up missing much of the festivities on Thursday night (a pool deck party), I did get to hang out with many of the participants later that evening, although I did go to bed early (damn jet lag).  But not before I took a relaxing bath because there was a soaking tub in the hotel room, with a TV FACING THE TUB.  In the bathroom.  Bliss.

The next morning, we headed out to the main event, and were greeted by the purple carpet.

purple carpet at Yahoo! headquarters

We had a wonderful breakfast, then got down to business with a keynote from CMO Elisa Steele (also a mom), who was both captivating and inspiring.  Then, we broke out into small groups and heard from the Flickr product managers (I learned a lot that I didn’t know – plus got a Pro membership!), and from Shine! Managing Editor Annette Cardwell (I’ll be writing on Shine in the near future).

After lunch, we had an online safety roundtable, and let’s just say that my eyes are now opened.  I’ll be posting more about this in the future, because there’s so much as parents that we need to do.

We broke out into groups again and learned about Yahoo! Social Products (yes, they do have some!) and about Yahoo! For Good.  Then it was break time!

Yahoo cupcakes

We had Yahoo! cupcakes!

free espresso bars Yahoo!

And, Espresso from the Free Espresso Bars!

After getting sugared and caffeinated, we sat down to listen to two of Yahoo!’s editorial experts (I took frantic notes!), and finally, discussed advertising and how it affects bloggers.

Then, we got back on the bus, and headed to local hotspot Nola, where we had some great food and drinks, and had time to chat with each other. Again, due to jet lag and an early-morning flight, I called it a night early.

I was thrilled to be traveling home with my friend Amy M – we had the chance to catch up even more, and Amy kindly had lunch with my while I waited for my connection.

Overall, it was a fabulous time, and I’m ready to go back!  Let’s hope for a 2011 Mother Board Summit!!

Disclosure: Yahoo! covered all costs for the summit, including travel expenses!

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Maria July 18, 2010 at 5:51 pm

The tweets from this event sounded really interesting. That’s a huge group! Impressed at Yahoo for reaching out to bloggers like that.

Julie July 18, 2010 at 6:55 pm

SUCH a wonderful time. And I just couldn’t get past the fact that I kept starting to respond to you on twitter, and then realize that you were sitting right next to me. Such a crazy feeling. So glad to have met you, Jodi!

Amy, YodelingMamas July 22, 2010 at 11:17 am

Sugar, caffeine and great people…three of the things I love about working at Yahoo!. Thank you for joining us for the Summit. I’m so glad you enjoyed yourself and learned a few things along the way!

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